My Knights Media Network Portfolio

Take Back the Night Bellarmine

“Take Back the Night” gives victims of interpersonal violence a platform

"Take Back the Night is a yearly event hosted by BraveBU to bring awareness to interpersonal abuse and sexual assault. This year’s “Take Back the Night” event took place on April 11 and gave victims a platform to discuss their stories and showcase resources available for victims of abuse, sexual assault, etc."

Solar Eclipse Celebration Bellarmine

Solar eclipse celebration: hundreds gather in the quad to witness the 2024 total solar eclipse

"Louisville, Kentucky was just South of the path of 100% totality, and experienced a 99% solar eclipse. Hundreds of Bellarmine students, staff, and visitors gathered in the Quad to witness this awe-inspiring event."

Bellarmine University Bad Parkers

Bad parkers beware: anonymous Instagram page posts the worst parked cars on campus

"Some Bellarmine students and staff enjoy the bad parking behaviors of others on campus. An anonymous Instagram page has gone above and beyond to collect and post images of Bellarmine’s worst parkers."

Ted X Bellarmine U

Speakers inspire audience at Bellarmine’s yearly TEDx event

"The TEDxBellarmineU event on March 15 drew in a large crowd to hear the seven speakers discuss the theme of “Community Resilience.” The speakers’ stories inspired individuals who came to hear the presentations that evening."

Bellarmine Homecoming CANstruction

Homecoming CANstruction: Student Organizations showcase creativity and give back to campus community

"Students came together on Jan. 24 to build structures using collected canned and dry goods. This event not only showcased the artistic talents of Bellarmine's community but also served a greater purpose. All constructions were disassembled and donated to Knights Pantry, the on-campus free pantry, ensuring that the spirit of giving extended beyond the event itself."

About Maggie Skellie

I am currently a student at Bellarmine Univeristy, expecting to recieve a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Communications (COMM), and my second major, Design, Arts, and Technology (DAT). I also have a minor in Art! While studying my major of communications, I have learned much about the art of newswriting, and have attempted to showcase my knowledge of that in the above articles, written for Knight's Media Network - a website consisting of video news and written news for Bellarmine students, by Bellarmine students, created by Professors Gary Fogle and Stacie Shain.

If you would like to see a more in-depth look into my work and more about me, you can visit my full website here!


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